We offer a wide variety of bronze markers as well as granite bases, and accessories.  There are many sizes available, so be sure to check with your cemetery regarding size requirements.  There are many design options available to help you personalize your loved ones memorial including a complete library of emblems and other design options as well as portraits that are part of the bronze memorial itself.  We offer accessories such as porcelain portraits, vases. as well as accessories sizes emblems designs verses.

Bronze is a combination of metals including copper.  The value of copper, along with current demand, has resulted in some bronze memorials being created with new alloys which are not accepted by some cemeteries.  Our bronze memorials meet all cemetery, industry and government standards for the composition of bronze.  There are many web sites offering bronze memorials, which will be less expensive.  Be sure they are using the required amount of copper and other minerals so your memorial will not be rejected by your cemetery.  Currently, there are only two sources of bronze that meet these requirements.  Please contact us if you have any interest in bronze memorials, and we'll be glad to help.



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