Reece Monument Etching

Laser Etching & Hand Etching

Etching is accomplished either by a hand-operated, diamond-tipped tool in the hands of an experienced artist, or by a laser engraving machine that can etch an exact copy of a photo or portrait onto stone.  Etchings are typically done on black stone so the contrast between the polished surface and the newly etched surface is greater - producing a light gray or nearly white image on the black granite surface.  A bit of white tinting can be added to enhance the contrast and visibility of an etching, and our artists can also apply color tinting to etchings for a photo-realistic appearance.

Etchings are a great way to apply portraits or scenes to create a very personal monument.  Please contact us today or email us your photo or sketch.  We'll be glad to have our artists take a look at it for you.

In this photo one of our artists is using a special, diamond-tipped tool to create a landscape scene on black granite.